Is Brad Marchand guilty of another dangerous trip?


Brad Marchand is not a popular man in Tampa Bay, and not just because he’s racked up two assists in Tuesday’s game between the Lightning and Boston Bruins.

Last week, the NHL fined him $10K for a “dangerous trip” on Detroit Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall, but the league didn’t hand Marchand a suspension.

Many believe that he didn’t exactly learn his lesson, as he pulled this move on Lightning defenseman Anton Stralman, avoiding a penalty in the game itself. The caption on this GIF says it all for many in the hockey world:

Now, there are plenty of incidents that go without a penalty only to result in a fine or suspension.

To reiterate, plenty of people are unhappy with Marchand. The ire isn’t limited to Lightning fans.

We’ll see if Marchand gets a fine, suspension or no punishment at all. Whatever happens, it’s no secret that he’s a polarizing presence.

Here’s video of the trip that drew that $10K fine:

The Bruins ended up beating the Lightning 4-3 in regulation.