MacKinnon concedes that ‘changes are necessary when you lose like this’

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LOS ANGELES — Nathan MacKinnon knows he’s lucky to be in the NHL. He understands life could be a lot worse than getting paid big money to play a game. He’s not pouting.

Still, all the losing is getting to him. His Colorado Avalanche (13-31-2) are the worst team in the league. Trade rumors are swirling. Big changes are coming.

“It’s tough,” MacKinnon said Saturday. “You don’t wake up with the same excitement that you used to. Even in your personal life, it takes a hit on you. It’s draining. Especially when you’re losing like this.”

Two of MacKinnon’s teammates, Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog, are the most likely to be on the move.

“They’ve been in Colorado for a long time,” said MacKinnon. “They don’t want to get traded. Everyone wants to figure this thing out. It’s unfortunate that it’s come to this, but I think changes are necessary when you lose like this.”

It remains to be seen when the changes will occur. Some may happen before the March 1 trade deadline, others may wait for the offseason.

But changes are coming, there’s no real doubt about it anymore.

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