Hogging the puck paid off this time around for Bruins against Red Wings


The Boston Bruins have struggled during much of the 2016-17 season, something that’s been extra-frustrating since they’ve often excelled in areas friendly to “fancy stats.”

With that in mind, Bruins fans were probably quite frustrated at times on Tuesday.

Boston generated a 21-7 shot advantage on the Detroit Red Wings in the first period, yet only enjoyed a 2-1 lead. They out-shot Detroit 47-24 in regulation but were still forced to overtime at 3-3.

Then again, maybe it was for the best, as David Pastrnak scored his 20th goal of the 2016-17 season … to end a 17-game streak without a goal.

Much like the Bruins’ own four-game losing streak, just looking at one thing (wins for Boston, goals alone for Pastrnak) ignores some of the good stuff. Pastrnak had been getting assists here and there, while the Bruins were, again, firing a lot of shots on goal, usually more than their opponents.

It finally came together tonight, though not in the easiest way considering their need to win it beyond regulation.

We can only guess at how much this win eases the pressure on Claude Julien and increases the Bruins’ playoff chances, but it’s better than dropping another frustrating loss, particularly not all that far removed from a Red Wings loss that likely frustrated scores of B’s devotees.

And hey, there was also pizza as a reward.