Nathan MacKinnon reminds us that he’s crazy-fast, too (Video)


Deep down, you have to wonder if Nathan MacKinnon‘s a little jealous.

There was a time early in his career where he dominated highlight reels with displays of his ability to pair blazing speed with high-end skill. Those elements remain, but he’s been upstaged on a regular basis by even-more-renowned top pick Connor McDavid.

(Heck, sometimes even less-hyped players like Phillip Danault steal the show.)

Yeah, things haven’t been as bright for MacKinnon and the Colorado Avalanche lately, with people even wondering how limited MacKinnon might end up being by underwhelming shooting rates. Thursday presented a reminder for why people were so excited about the Avs forward in the first place, though, as he caught multiple Anaheim Ducks flat-footed* for the beautiful goal you can see in the video above.

* – Caught them web-footed, maybe?