Video: Jason Demers saves a goal by punching the puck out of danger

Jason Demers and Roberto Luongo were really on the same page on this one.

To start, Luongo made a few really nice saves to maintain a 1-1 tie between the New York Islanders and Florida Panthers.

The video-worthy moment comes when Demers clears the puck out with his fist. Notice how small the margin of error was there, as Luongo allows the puck to go by him when he could have easily knocked it in on accident.

How many times could the Islanders have scored a goal there … was it three, four? Fun clip.

Also maybe a bit of fun revenge for Luongo, as Islanders fans are apparently still booing him.

Update: That ended up being a fairly important moment as the Panthers edged the Islanders 2-1 on Wednesday.

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