No surprise, John Tavares says he’s committed to the Islanders


It’s not fair to say that the New York Islanders are John Tavares and nothing else. There have just been times during the darker moments of this very dark 2016-17 season when it at least feels this way.

With this being such a disappointing start to the season, and with all of the other issues surrounding the Islanders franchise as a whole, it’s understandable if people are wondering about his future with the team.

To little surprise, Tavares is saying all the right things.

“I think for myself, I’ve always shown and talked about my commitment here,’’ Tavares told New York Newsday. “Wanting to have success here and keep building on some of the good things we’ve done. Obviously, this [low] point’s been disappointing.’’

Here’s the one thing we know for sure: he’s signed on with the Islanders through 2017-18.

The rest of that Newsday article discusses his regrets about not generating the points he was expecting to produce, but let’s be honest. Most of us focus on how little support he’s been getting.

Consider his most common linemates: Josh Bailey and a grab bag of other guys. That group is … not ideal.

Now, the Islanders have time to improve the talent around him. Still, how many years is Tavares willing to throw away? Does he want to squander his prime with a franchise that might not be able to put him in position to win a Stanley Cup?

Those are questions that people will probably hammer until we know where Tavares will end up with his next contract.

Don’t blame him, though. He’s saying all the right things.