David Backes’ goal in return to St. Louis: Try not to cry

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When someone returns to a familiar city on a new team, many wonder: will that guy cry during the tribute video? Admit it, you wondered even when stone-faced Shea Weber played his first game against the Predators in Nashville.

David Backes told NHL.com that he’s going to try to fight it, but he might need a “full Gatorade towel” stashed on the bench as he returns to face the St. Louis Blues as a member of the Boston Bruins on Tuesday.

“It’s certainly a date that when you leave, you look forward to, you circle on your calendar,” Backes said. “A myriad of emotions of playing your old teammates, seeing old familiar faces, being in old familiar stomping grounds.”

The Blues are even running their charity event “Barkin’ for the Blues,” which Backes started with his wife, for Jan .10 specifically so he could be involved. With that in mind, he’ll have family at the game, prompting some “wedding day” comparisons for the former Blues captain.

As far as his former teammates go, the Blues say it will – eventually – be like business as usual once the puck drops on Tuesday.

Try telling that to Backes, though. Heck, the team basically provided a tribute video once he signed elsewhere.

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