Video: Ryan Suter didn’t just suffer own-goal, it was an own-face

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This seems a little on the nose: Ryan Suter, a defenseman who almost always seems to be economical with his positioning, found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time in a big way on Saturday.

Consider this: he wasn’t just the victim of a dreaded own-goal. That puck actually deflected off of his face/visor, making it something of an “own-face.”

Marian Gaborik was credited with his second goal of the season for the scoring-deprived Los Angeles Kings against the Minnesota Wild, tying the game 2-2:

The Kings Twitter account had some fun with it, as you’d expect:


Some might say that the Kings’ first two goals capture how they’ve been scoring in general lately: 1) Jeff Carter or 2) blind happenstance.