What happens if it’s raining for the Winter Classic?


The forecast for Monday in St. Louis is now “light rain.”

That’s a slight improvement compared to the forecast from a couple of days ago, but precipitation could still be an issue for the Winter Classic at Busch Stadium. The Blues and Blackhawks are scheduled to start just after 1 p.m. ET (on NBC).

“We’ve dealt with it before, so we’ll deal with it again if we have to,” said NBC Sports’ president of programming, Jon Miller, per the Post-Dispatch. “If we do run into rain we will stay as long as we can. We’ll play it Monday night if necessary. And if we can’t get any play in on Monday, we’ll carry it over and we’ll play it on Tuesday. We’re hopeful that everything cooperates. We’ve all been looking at the weather, we’re all well aware of what the pitfalls are.”

The Blues and Blackhawks don’t play their next games until Thursday, so a delay until Tuesday, while not ideal by any means, would not put either team in a tough spot. The game would also be played at night, allowing fans to work their day jobs before coming to the ballpark.

But hopefully it won’t get to that.

The latest forecast from The Weather Network: