Video: Rugged fight – Steven Oleksy vs. Miles Wood

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On Thursday, the fights that generated some attention involved guys who rarely drop the gloves.

This time around, we’re taking a look at guys who are little more adept at throwing knuckles.

The New Jersey Devils are involved in both cases. Last night, it was Michael Cammalleri getting in a fight. This time, Miles Wood had quite the raucous, rugged battle with Steven Oleksy:

That’s frightening and exhausting merely to watch.

After a heated game against the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday, the Devils continue to show the passion management demanded more of against the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight.

New Jersey won the game on Thursday while they’re currently trailing on Friday. Either way, they’re fighting harder after being asked to (blanking) play harder.

Update: The Penguins ended up winning 4-1.

As a clarification, not everyone involved in this fight was an experienced pugilist:

Maybe he’s a natural.