Video: Rare fights for Mike Cammalleri, Jordan Staal

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Your mileage may vary, but from here, it’s often entertaining to see an infrequent fighter get into the occasional squabble.

It doesn’t hurt that, in most instances, that guy’s fighting because he actually wants to. It’s a little tougher to reconcile with the future implications of fighting for enforcers who drop the gloves several times per season.

But for those rare fighters, it can be kind of fun, at least if no one gets “hurt” beyond a bruise or bump here and there.

Thursday presented at least two rare fights, as Michael Cammalleri feuded with Nick Cousins as a part of a fairly nasty New Jersey Devils 4-0 win against the Philadelphia Flyers.

(See video of that fight above.)

Hockey Fights’ listings indicates that the bout with Cousins was the third fight of Cammalleri’s career.

Meanwhile, Jordan Staal fought with Zach Bogosian during the Carolina Hurricanes’ 3-1 win against the Buffalo Sabres:

The two-way forward fights a bit more often, as this was his fifth according to Hockey Fights.

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