PHT Morning Skate: The 10 highest-paid NHLers (including endorsements)


–We all know which NHLers earn the highest salary from year to year, but who’s bringing in the most cash if you factor in jersey sales and endorsement deals? Interestingly enough, the Chicago Blackhawks have two players in the top three. (Forbes)

–Wild goalie Devan Dubnyk was bouncing around from team to team before landing in Minnesota. He credits a lot of his recent success to a concept which he calls “the whole head tracking thing.” Interestingly enough, he only had a general idea of what the concept was about when he first got to Minnesota, but he’s more aware of how it works now. (Sports Illustrated)

–This amateur hockey player in Russia has been banned by his local hockey association for trying to strike a referee in the head with his stick. “The blow was aimed at the neck and head, I (blocked it with my) hand,” said the referee the player tried to hit. “The stick broke on my arm. The second referee who tried to stop the blow, he broke his finger.” (The Hockey News)

–Sportsnet analyst and former NHL GM Doug MacLean explains how trade talk leaks put the people involved in an awkward situation. “I had a current NHL GM phone me and say, ‘would you trade Adam Foote?’ Adam Foote was my captain I said no I’m not trading Adam Foote. That GM phoned his agent and said ‘I just phoned Columbus, I’d like to get Adam Foote out of there.’ Adam Foote confronts me in the dressing room, in Vancouver, ‘are you shopping me?’ I said no I’m not shopping you. ‘Well I was told you’re shopping me.'” Awkward! (Sportsnet)

–According to gambling odds maker Bovada, the Chicago Blackhawks are the favorites to win the Stanley Cup in 2016-17. The Rangers, Penguins and Capitals all have the second-best odds, while Arizona has the worst odds of any team. (Yahoo)

–The Ottawa Redblacks, who won the Canadian Football League title last Sunday, took part in the ceremonial puck drop at the Sens-Flyers game on Thursday. Quarterback Henry Burris and receiver Brad Sinopoli dropped the puck out of the Grey Cup:

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