Video: Giroux gets his authoritative OT-winner this time around


You can only give Claude Giroux these types of chances so many times before he burns you. Badly.

The Boston Bruins survived a resounding overtime opportunity from Giroux on Tuesday (which was understandably forgotten since Philly won in a shootout anyway), but Mike Condon and the Ottawa Senators weren’t so lucky tonight.

Jakub Voracek did a great job setting the table for Giroux, who fired the overtime game-winner home in a 3-2 win against the Sens. With that, the Flyers are on a three-game winning streak.

Let’s compare the two chances, shall we?

First, the one that didn’t work out for Giroux:

Next, tonight’s powerful clincher:

That was the second Voracek-to-Giroux goal of the night. Gee, those two have done a few good things together, haven’t they?