Rare gaffes, including Lundqvist allowing center-ice goal (Video)


Most of the time, players like Henrik Lundqvist and Aaron Ekblad seem almost superhuman. It’s part of what makes it so fun to watch them.

Still, if you’re slogging through a tough week, sometimes it’s also fun to watch them struggle. They’re like us, after all!

(Hey, whatever gets you through the week.)

Lundqvist and Ekblad both had moments they’d like to forget on Thursday.

For King Henrik, it was a dreaded center-ice goal by the Buffalo Sabres, which you can watch in glee/horror in the video above this post’s headline.

There were two big backhanders on the other goal of notice. Henrik Zetterberg did some great work with his, yet you wonder if the Red Wings were ribbing Ekblad a little for his own, erm, “backhand cheese.”

OK, maybe they were just tweeting about Zetterberg’s backhander. Right?