Video: Laine’s goal was the game-winner (and mind-blower)


Patrik Laine will probably score a lot of goals like these. Expect many “Never gets old no matter how many times you see them” goals.

Let’s not get jaded, though.

Laine’s eventual 3-2 game-winner for the Winnipeg Jets against the New Jersey Devils was, to an extent, pretty simple. It was also simply awe-inspiring, one of those goals that force a double or triple-take:

Even with the slumps mentioned in that video, Laine already has 13 goals this season. He’s going to score a LOT during his career.

As a bonus, Patrick Marleau seemingly scored similar goal, yet from his backhand … but it didn’t actually count. Let’s save you a click by plopping it in here, because it’s still worth watching: