Getzlaf and Perry guide Ducks to gutsy win vs. Sharks


The Anaheim Ducks really needed this, and so did the two faces of their franchise.

A night after Ryan Getzlaf called himself and his partner-in-crime Corey Perry out for not scoring enough goals, Getzlaf generated the game-winner in a 3-2 victory against the San Jose Sharks.

The Ducks captain scored just his second goal of 2016-17 and helped his team snap a three-game losing streak. So, yeah, this was a pretty big deal.

Perry didn’t score a goal, but he did generate two assists of his own, so the Ducks’ dynamic duo really came through during a crucial time. If you want a sense of how much this meant to Anaheim, consider the efforts of Perry and Getzlaf, but also how much the team put on the line:

Losing to the Ducks is bad enough for San Jose, but in an uncomfortable theme of the night, the losing team also has to worry about a notable health issue. We may not know more about Marc-Edouard Vlasic‘s status until Sunday (or maybe later), but it really adds an injury to the insult of losing to their California rivals.