Win or lose, Connor McDavid keeps doing incredible things


Even in defeat – astoundingly narrow defeat – Connor McDavid rarely fails to amaze.

McDavid generated a special night to help the Edmonton Oilers grab a point on Friday night, but the Arizona Coyotes must feel incredibly lucky to escape the evening with a 3-2 shootout win.

How close was it? Well, the Oilers captured McDavid’s near-overtime-goal perfectly in GIF form (see video here).

Absurd. But at this point, almost normal for McDavid.

This goal did count, however, and it serves as the latest example that No. 97’s speed rating would be an easy 99:

Honestly, even mundane moments seem more exciting when McDavid is involved:

Remarkable. With that, the Oilers’ three-game winning streak comes to an end. Still, even losses like these really make you wonder if we’ll be watching in awe of what McDavid can accomplish in the playoffs.