Video: Should Stars’ winning goal have counted or was it icing?


Few would argue that the Vancouver Canucks are a great team, but they’ve suffered some pretty tough losses. Friday’s 2-1 defeat to the Dallas Stars ranks up there.

It also might fuel the latest debate for hockey fans who love to pour over every rule debate: are officials given too much latitude when it comes to icing?

The Canucks certainly didn’t feel great about icing being waived off on this goal by Esa Lindell, which ultimately stood as the game-winner for Dallas:

With that, Vancouver falls to 8-11-2 while the Stars move up to a strange-looking record of 9-8-5.

Considering Dallas’ upcoming four-game road trip against the Blues, Red Wings, Penguins and Avalanche, wins like these could come in very handy.

Meanwhile, losses like these play a role in telling the story of the Canucks’ sad 2016-17 season.