John Scott is on board with the NHL’s new All-Star voting guidelines


John Scott has voiced his support for the NHL’s new All-Star game voting guidelines, which were released Monday.

The new rules are basically to discourage a repeat of what happened last season — or what has become known as the ‘John Scott situation.’

Looked at as an enforcer in hockey, Scott was voted into the 2016 All-Star game as a captain, before eventually getting traded from the Coyotes to the Canadiens and sent to their minor league team.

Despite one of the strangest sagas, Scott decided to play in the All-Star game in Nashville and it turned out to be one of the greatest stories of the season. He scored. He was named the most valuable player. He was hoisted onto the shoulders of his teammates in celebration. He was embraced by the fans.

That said, he spoke in favor of the new rules in an interview with Sportsnet later in the day.

“I expected something to come about,” Scott told HockeyCentral.

“It’s good. I think, you know, something had to happen. I don’t think they wanted a situation like me to happen again. Guys from the AHL, guys who are hurt — I don’t think they should be included anymore. I think it was a one-time thing and … it’s a good rule.”

This season’s All-Star game goes Jan. 29 in L.A.