‘Disrespectful to the game’ — Trotz believes Foligno embellished, leading to Blue Jackets winning goal


A late power play goal gave the Columbus Blue Jackets a win over the Washington Capitals on Sunday.

But Capitals coach Barry Trotz has taken issue with the high-sticking call against his player, Nicklas Backstrom, that led to the opportunity with 1:34 remaining in regulation and the scored tied at two goals apiece.

Trotz strongly suggested embellishment on the part of Blue Jackets forward Nick Foligno and that the league will look at the play. A first citation for embellishment results in a fine for the player. A second citation results in a $2,000 fine.

“If you look at it … he doesn’t really touch him. And then (Foligno’s head) pops up when (Backstrom’s) stick is already on the way down,” Trotz told reporters.

“That’s just a little bit disrespectful to the game. So, the league will look at that and we have fines for that. I’m sure that will be something they took advantage of. I wouldn’t be too happy if I was a referee.”

Backstrom maintained afterward that his stick didn’t make contact with Foligno.

“Last two minutes if you get a penalty that’s not a penalty, that’s tough,” said Backstrom.