Poll: Who should be in the ’17 Hockey Hall of Fame class?


Let the debate begin!

On Monday, the 2016 class was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. It’s a night of many emotions for those who are honored, as well as their families.

The focus will soon shift to who should be in the Hall of Fame next year.

Teemu Selanne enters his first year of eligibility. He certainly has the credentials, with 684 career goals and 1,457 points. He’s an Olympic medalist and a Stanley Cup champion. He began his NHL career with a bang, scoring 76 goals — a remarkable achievement that may never be broken.

Daniel Alfredsson enters his first year of eligibility. He’s never won the Stanley Cup, but he is an Olympic champion, with 1,246 regular season games, 444 goals and 1,157 points in his career. That’s quite impressive for a sixth-round draft pick. He played 17 seasons with the Ottawa Senators and one season with the Detroit Red Wings.

Dave Andreychuk enters his ninth year of eligibility. He captained the Tampa Bay Lightning to a Stanley Cup in 2004 and played 1,639 games in the NHL. He ranks 14th all-time in goals with 640. He’s accumulated 1,338 points over his lengthy career.

Now, have your say. Choose up to four players, the maximum number of NHLers for an annual Hockey Hall of Fame class. For write-in suggestions, put those in the comments section.