‘This could take me down a different road’: Bickell opens up about battle with multiple sclerosis


For the first time since it was announced on Friday, ‘Canes forward Bryan Bickell opened up about being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

“I’m just uncertain,” Bickell said, per the Chicago Tribune. “Knowing what’s next is the biggest thing. Hopefully I can get on the ice and help my team and be safe and do my job. … Hopefully my career goes longer if I play the cards right.”

The 30-year-old said he woke up one morning with some numbness in his shoulder, but dismissed it as anything serious. Bickell realized something was wrong when days passed and the pain wasn’t going away.

The Hurricanes forward is planning on returning to the ice as soon as he can, but with this disease being so unpredictable, he doesn’t know if that will be possible.

“You’re just scared for the other stage where I’ve been playing hockey for so long and this definitely could be it. There are roads in life and this could take me down a different road.”

Bickell has received a ton of support from fans, friends and current and former teammates.

On Saturday, Canadiens forward Andrew Shaw, who played with Bickell in Chicago, dedicated this three-point effort to his friend.

His teammates on the Hurricanes have also made it clear that they’ll be there to help him through this.

“It’s shocking news. It puts everything in perspective,” said Jeff Skinner, per NHL.com. “He’s going through stuff with family and digesting everything. We’re hoping he goes through his treatments and feels better. We’ll just do our best to be that support system for him.”


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