Video: Saturday was an angry night for goalies


Many hockey fans find it tougher to enjoy a fight these days once you consider the post-career struggles of enforcers.

It’s a little harder not to grin at a video of a goalie losing though, isn’t it? Something about seeing all that rage mixed with the clumsiness of fighting with all that bulky equipment just makes for entertainment. It’s not short of those weird fake sumo fights.

Saturday presented two eyebrow-raising bits of netminder anger, though these instances mainly involved a goalie going after a skater. Most obviously, Ryan Miller and Frederik Andersen were involved in this fracas, especially Miller:

More on that ugly loss for the Canucks and how they hope to turn it around, maybe in part due to all of that violence.

That wasn’t the only outburst involving a goalie, however, as Devan Dubnyk got into it with Gabriel Landeskog:

Landeskog seemed pretty chill about the situation, although he does seem a little jealous that Dubnyk got to fight with a goalie mask and blocker to his advantage.


So, entertaining stuff, right?

The tougher question regarding Saturday is what makes you smile wider: goalie fights or players singing Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen?