No hearing for Schenn, who ‘one thousand percent didn’t try’ to hit Smith


Brayden Schenn insisted he didn’t intentionally run into Detroit d-man Brendan Smith during Philly’s 4-3 OT win on Wednesday night.

The NHL thought the same.

Per Sportsnet, Schenn will avoid supplemental discipline for the hit, which occurred late in the second period and went unpenalized.

More on the incident, from CSN Philly:

“Honestly, I’ve watched it in the intermission,” Schenn said. “I 1,000 percent did not try and hit him. I was trying to get out of his way and avoid contact.

“I know it probably doesn’t look like that. I saw him swing at the puck and I’m watching the puck and to be honest, I was trying to get out of his way and I hit him in the head by accident.”

Schenn said he spoke to both referees and they felt he did not intend to hit Smith.

“I even went up to Smith at the start of the period to make sure he was all right,” Schenn said. “I’m not trying to go out there and [hit] anyone in the head. When you see on the replay that I hit him in the head, I knew I did it 100 percent on accident and I apologized at the start of the third period to make sure he was OK.”

Smith exited briefly, but did return and finished with 16:30 TOI.

There was some thought Schenn might be getting a phone call, as he does have a history with the player safety department. Schenn missed the first three games this season to a suspension that carried over from last year’s playoffs, when he got dinged for charging T.J. Oshie.