Video: Jeff Skinner with a Crosby-level backhand goal


Fans of old-school hockey love hip checks, but don’t sleep on a wicked backhander.

Sidney Crosby is generally regarded as the modern champion of the infrequently-dangerous shot, but Jeff Skinner scored his second goal of the night with a really sweet one off of a partial breakaway.

Watch as he takes a nice breakout pass and beats Henrik Lundqvist to give the Carolina Hurricanes a 2-1 lead against the New York Rangers:

The Hurricanes are off to a tough start, but consider this: tonight marks their first home game of 2016-17.

They also happen to have one of the best-kept-secret top lines in Skinner, Victor Rask and Lee Stempniak.

Since you took the trouble to click, here’s the first goal Skinner scored tonight, free of charge:

Update: It seemed like Skinner got a hat trick, but instead he grabbed an assist on a late goal in the second period. He still has 20 minutes (maybe more?) to get that third goal, however.

If nothing else, the Hurricanes had fun with it:

Skinner ended up figuring into all three Carolina goals as the Hurricanes beat the Rangers 3-2.

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