Brent Burns is on a beastly pace


With a whopping eight points in four games, Brent Burns was the NHL’s leading scorer headed into Wednesday’s duo of contests.

Playing three games in four nights only seemed to feed the beast. After generating a goal to start his 2016-17 season on Oct. 12, Burns really caught fire lately, including two goals and three assists between Monday and Tuesday.

And it’s not as if this is all dumb luck.

For one thing, Burns already laid down a precedent in 2015-16, scoring a ridiculous 75 points. Defensemen not named Erik Karlsson aren’t supposed to be able to light up the scoreboard like that in the modern NHL.

Yes, a 15 shooting percentage is a little high – particularly for a blueliner – but Burns is enough of a unique weapon that he could very well flirt with the kind of efficiency enjoyed by forwards.

Is Burns slated to score at his current two-points-per-game pace and hit 164? No, but it’s not totally outrageous to imagine the Wookie-like defenseman managing 82 points in as many games, health permitting.

His incredible start could very well be the natural progression from the leap he took last season, and it probably doesn’t hurt that he’s playing for a new contract (and so many pizzas!).

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It’s astounding stuff, even if it’s easy to get distracted by the glorious weirdness of Burns’ life.

Just take a slice of it here, as Burns was seen walking around with a shirtless Joe Thornton. This image is currently featured on the San Jose Sharks official Twitter feed:

Naturally, Burns responded in a very, well … Burns way.

He’s regaled observers with his ridiculous black eye after facing Columbus and amused many with his stated desire to live in an RV.

Yes, there’s rarely a dull moment when Burns is involved. Just don’t forget that he’s doing great things on the ice, too.

In fact, he could enjoy a truly special season, one almost as unique as Burns himself.

Naturally, the best course of action is to enjoy his strong work on the ice and Paul Bunyan-like presence, which sometimes converge in beautiful ways: