Blackhawks beat Flyers after blowing big lead


When Marian Hossa made history with his 500th goal, it seemed like the Chicago Blackhawks would stroll through a win against the Philadelphia Flyers.

That … was absolutely not the case.

That Hossa goal made it 4-0, yet the Flyers stormed back with four goals in 5:26 to stun Chicago to a 4-4 tie. To the Blackhawks’ credit, they shook off that shock pretty quickly, ultimately managing a frantic 7-4 win on Tuesday.

Hossa himself experienced some highs and lows. That milestone goal was thrilling, yet it seems like he might be hurt, as he left during the third period and did not return.

Losing the veteran winger would really wound a top-heavy club, but at least their top players came up big tonight.

The trio of Patrick Kane (one goal, three assists), Artem Anisimov (two goals, two assists) and Artemi Panarin (two goals, one assist) reminded the hockey world why it feels absurd to call them a second line.

It won’t make Joel Quenneville happy, although Coach Q likely realizes that every win can’t be as pretty as the pass Kane made to Panarin for the sophomore’s second goal of the night.