Watch: Panthers beat Devils with video game goal


People use the phrase “video-game goal” pretty often (at least if they’re into that kind of thing), but such a label seems fitting for the way the Florida Panthers beat the New Jersey Devils to open the season.

It’s one thing to hammer that one-timer, but the full play during a moment that clinched a 2-1 overtime decision really demands the description.

Really, it’s mainly the guy setting the goal up that seemed to do something that would make an opponent slam a controller.

Watch as Michael Matheson overpowers his opponent, takes the puck and sends a beautiful pass to Aleksander Barkov for the game-winner:

Honestly, even the goalie reaction clinches the comparison. Cory Schneider is one of the brighest goalies in the world, yet on this play, he almost seemed “stuck in an animation.”

Tremendous stuff, unless you’re a Devils fan.

Also tremendous: Barkov wears number 16, which ties back to the sweaters every Panthers player wore before the game to honor Jose Fernandez. Now that’s more like something out of a movie.