NHL hands Radko Gudas a six-game suspension


The NHL handed Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Radko Gudas a six-game suspension for his hit on Austin Czarnik of the Boston Bruins.

As a repeat offender, Gudas will lose $245,121.95 thanks to this six-game suspension.

That hit came soon after he avoided a suspension for another questionable preseason hit. Here’s the league’s video explanation for the decision:

So far, reactions range from the punishment being a “good start” to something that won’t register enough with the frequent hitter. Most believe that his run-ins with the league’s disciplinarians are far from over, however.

His history of violence

If the Department of Player Safety had a speed dial list of regulars, Gudas would have a prominent spot on it. He’s actually dodged quite a few disciplinary bullets in a short period of time.

Back during his astounding month of February, Gudas said “I can’t be doing this on the ice” … and then kept doing the same things, over and over again.

The Flyers actions haven’t always matched their words considering the contract extension they handed him in June.

Maybe a more severe punishment will get through to the rugged defenseman?