Goalies accept smaller pads if they don’t lose protection


NHL goalies are OK with making their equipment smaller, as long as such changes don’t put them at a greater risk for injuries.

At least, that’s what goalies including¬†Tuukka Rask, Cory Schneider and Pekka Rinne told the Associated Press on Thursday.

(A cynic might say that they’re likely only concerned if equipment gets so large that it inhibits their movement, and if so, who would really blame them?)

Schneider brings up a point that many would echo: increasing scoring isn’t just about making the pads smaller or the net larger.

“If guys are giving up goals leaking through their arms that are kind of ugly goals and that increases scoring, is that a good thing? I suppose,” Schneider said. “But if you’re still only getting 20 shots a night each way, then I don’t think smaller gear is really going to make a difference. I think it’s a two-fold issue. You want to create goal-scoring by creating a better flow and more shots.”

Yes, that’s true, but scoring continues to be a problem in the league, and getting officials, coaches and others to make needed changes is easier said than done.

Tweaking goalie equipment might be little more than a Band-Aid, yet it could also be better than nothing.

And, hey, goalies are (pretending to be) on board with it, too.

Read the AP story for more.


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