The latest legal fallout from Derek Boogaard’s death


Derek Boogaard passed away more than five years ago, but the legal fallout continues.

Regarding Jordan Hart

The latest development comes via the AP: Len Boogaard, Derek’s father, wrote a letter to a judge stating that his son was not friends with the player (Jordan Hart) who allegedly sold him Percocet.

Hart, 33, could face as much as six months of jail time after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge.

Around Sept. 24, Hart’s legal representatives claimed that Boogaard “was not a victim of Mr. Hart’s misdemeanor possession of prescription drugs,” as New York Newsday reported.

As far as the NHL is involved

The developments aren’t related to Hart alone, as the Boogaard family is also pursuing actions against the NHL.

The family originally filed a wrongful death complaint against the NHL in 2013, and the New York Daily News reports that a judge just recently allowed them to file a second, amended suit. The complaint alleges that the league “actively harmed” Boogaard.

His mother Joanne Boogaard explained to the CBC that it’s all about accountability.

“It’s been a very long five years and fighting the NHL is not an easy thing,” Joanne Boogaard said. “Derek’s life meant something, he didn’t die just for nothing … we have to follow through with this.”