Russia squeaks by North America in thriller


If Russia’s eventual 4-3 win against North America doesn’t stand as the most thrilling game of the World Cup, then we’re in for some special hockey.

The Air Canada Centre was rocking tonight, especially during North America’s bid for a third period comeback.

From that beautiful Connor McDavidAuston Matthews goal to a wave of dangerous chances, the North Americans carried much of this contest. Sergei Bobrovsky kept that under-23 group at bay just enough for Russia’s first win of the round-robin tournament.

Ultimately, it came down to a second-period collapse where Matt Murray allowed four troubling goals before John Gibson took over:

The remarkable thing about this tournament is that, all of a sudden, North America is in a tougher spot after this loss. They face quite a challenge in Sweden on Wednesday while Russia’s next game comes against an up-and-down Finnish squad.

For many hockey fans, it’s difficult to accept the possibility that Team North America may not last much longer.

Thanks a lot, Bob.