Check out the logo for 2017 NHL All-Star Game in L.A.

via NHL

All-Star Game logos are known for nods to their host cities, but the 2017 edition nails Los Angeles in a way that’s downright admirable.

The NHL and Los Angeles Kings unveiled the primary logo on Monday, with this description from the press release:

Designed by NHL Creative Services, the 2017 NHL® All-Star logo was designed to incorporate elements of Los Angeles and the hometown Kings. The trendy urban “LA” features the Kings’ trademark colors of black, gray and white. In addition, the gold and jeweled typography of the “LA” is a nod to the glitz and glamour of the city, which is home to the stars of Hollywood and host to many major awards shows, including the Academy Awards, the Emmy Awards and Grammy Awards. The three points of the star in the logo signifies the third time Los Angeles has hosted NHL® All-Star weekend (1981, 2002, 2017). The four stars represents each NHL Division.

That blurb is a lot more descriptive than PHT’s initial reaction of “Oooh, shiny.”


That’s one of the best logos the league has pumped out in quite some time.

The festivities take place from Jan. 27 – 29, 2017. Watch the game on Sunday, Jan. 29 at 3:30 pm ET on NBC or on the NBC Sports app.