Poker face: Vegas NHL expansion team has a name, but it’s a secret


In a move that’s just begging for gambling references, Las Vegas expansion team owner Bill Foley is really keeping a card up his sleeve.

(See, it’s tough to avoid doing that.)

It turns out that Foley knows what he’ll call the squad, but he’s keeping it a secret, as he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“The name is definitely set,” Foley said Monday. “But I can’t tell you exactly what it is. That’s a secret.”

Foley indicates that announcement will be made sometime in mid-October.

Plenty of speculation

The Vegas team’s owner admits that he’s been very happy that all of the speculation regarding the team name is keeping his franchise in the news.

First, it seemed like the team would involve “Hawks” in some way. Lately, reports indicate that the team name will include “Knights” instead. The latter Knights seems like it will be in play, barring a swerve by Foley.

Many of us always imagined a Vegas expansion team with some fun gambling reference, but it’s easy to see why Foley and the NHL would resist such a temptation. Here’s hoping they choose the right Knights.

For what it’s worth: