Doughty: Canada’s experience trumps North America’s skill


If you want to make a chic top pick for the 2016 World Cup and believe that Sweden’s not exciting enough, maybe you’re going to tab North America.

It’s easy to see why, from their dominant work in exhibitions to the bulletin board material they’re providing thanks to a health dose of self-confidence.

They might not be able to pull the “No one believes in us” routine, though.

Jonathan Toews made it clear that North America is on Canada’s radar, for one, as he told Sportsnet.

“It would be stupid to disregard a team like that,” Toews said. “I think they’re going to come out flying, there’s no pressure on them. … They’re going to make you worry about their offensive weapons every time they have the puck. There’s nobody you can take lightly, and especially them I would say.”

Drew Doughty doesn’t seem thrilled about comments such as those made by Nathan MacKinnon about North America being the most skilled. Either way, he believes that experience will win out.

Let’s not kid ourselves, though. Both teams are deeply talented, and Canada has plenty of guys who are still in their prime. Doughty, for instance, is somehow just 26 despite already compiling a Hall of Fame-worthy resume.

Canada and North America are separated into different groups, so here’s hoping we get to see them face off.