Patrick Kaleta thinks he can still play in the NHL


Well, at least Patrick Kaleta doesn’t feel like George Costanza any longer.

The bruising player compared his experiences during the latter days of his time with the Buffalo Sabres to that of the popular “Seinfeld” character who always seemed to find himself in awkward workplace situations.

At 30, he told the Buffalo News that he believes there’s still some gas in the tank.

“Hopefully, I get a chance to play in the NHL,” Kaleta said. “I definitely don’t think I’m washed up yet.”

Let’s be honest: some teams probably won’t be interested in Kaleta even in his “peak” form. On the other hand, with Raffi Torres getting a PTO, there’s evidence that at least some teams might ponder a player like him.

(Now, some will argue that Torres is a more useful player than Kaleta beyond the nonsense, but that doesn’t mean someone wouldn’t give Kaleta a shot nonetheless.)

Kaleta points to the fact that he’s beefed up lately, telling the Buffalo News that he’s packed on 12 lbs. of “good weight” to hit 210.

It doesn’t sound like Kaleta wants to go back to the Sabres for a prospective gig, although he could always try the Costanza classic of just sort of wondering back in as if nothing’s changed.

/Waits for someone to put together a Kaleta montage to that memorable bass line.

(H/T to Kukla’s Korner.)

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