It sounds like Alexander Radulov has matured since his last stint in the NHL

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It’s a little awkward to have a Canadiens story during PHT’s Bruins day, but it had to be done!

Alexander Radulov‘s last stint in the NHL ended with him being suspended by the Nashville Predators.

Radulov and former teammate Andrei Kostitsyn broke curfew during the team’s second round series against the Coyotes and both were disciplined.

The following season, Radulov bolted for the KHL.

Since then, things have changed. Radulov, now 30, says he’s more mature. He’s married and has a nine-month-old son.

Canadiens GM Marc Bergervin is always looking to add players with “character”. So, the fact that he took a risk on Radulov raised some eyebrows. Bergevin did his homework on Radulov and sought out different opinions on the Russian sniper.

CSKA General Manager Sergei Federov was one of the people that provided Bergevin with a glowing endorsement of Radulov.

“Thanks to Sergei for that,” Radulov said, per Sportsnet. “I was there playing and we had a pretty young team and I had that thing that I was a leader and playing a lot of minutes. I tried to live as an example in the locker room, off the ice and on the ice. It’s helped me a lot. It’s changed my vision of the way I have to work and I have to be.”

If he was looking for a good opportunity, Radulov certainly found one in Montreal. The Canadiens are in desperate need of another goal scorer and Radulov is certainly capable of filling the net.

Over the last four years, his KHL numbers have been fantastic:

radulov stats

(Games played, goals, assists, points, penalty minutes via

Radulov insists he isn’t concerned with his individual numbers now that he’s back in the NHL. All he wants to do is win.

“The first goal is I want to win,” Radulov said. “I want to win every night. It doesn’t matter who’s going to score and put up the points; we want to win. It’s a team game and I think if the team is going to be successful, everyone will be successful.

“Marc [Bergevin] was saying it’s a special place to play. I hate losing. I hate when something goes not our way. I just want to win and I think this is the place and I’m ready for it.”

It sure sounds like the Canadiens are getting a player that’s matured considerably.


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