‘They don’t expect me to be a savior’ – Vesey on selecting Rangers


It doesn’t seem like there’s a single reason why Jimmy Vesey signed with the New York Rangers. Maybe that’s the point, though; the cumulative impact of the Rangers’ pitch and other contextual factors tipped the scales toward MSG.

Of all the pluses on the Rangers’ side, there’s at least one important caveat: they didn’t promise him a specific spot in the lineup, whether it be on an exact line or with any hand-picked linemates.

That said, it sure sounds like they sold the 23-year-old on the likelihood that he’d at least be in the lineup.

As much as this is about a great opportunity, it sounds like it helps that he won’t be asked to do too much. He won’t be asked to be “a savior.”

While the team made a strong impression on Vesey, it’s plausible that his friendship with Kevin Hayes made a difference.

For those who followed this situation especially closely, Vesey will probably struggle to be “just another guy.”

The Rangers offered an interesting mix of pressure, attention and comfort-level to Vesey, ultimately finding the winning combination. We won’t have to wait all that long to see if he can be part of a winning combination on the ice.