Jimmy Vesey chooses the New York Rangers


Exhale,* hockey fans: the decision is in. Jimmy Vesey officially chose the New York Rangers as his free agent destination.

One would assume that Vesey will sign a two-year, entry-level contract loaded with bonuses. We’ll need to wait and see about official details, however, but the important thing to note is that the CBA limits the cap impact for the Rangers.

(That’s a big reason why he drew so much attention; it’s a pretty low-risk move.)

This completes quite the road for the 23-year-old. He went from spurning the Nashville Predators, the team that drafted him, to deciding against signing with the Buffalo Sabres after they spent a third-rounder to acquire his rights.

Stars from Sidney Crosby to Patrick Kane to John Tavares all came out to try to lure him to their respective teams. Many believed he might lean toward the Boston Bruins, a team so close to home for the Harvard forward.

Instead, he’s going to the Rangers. It will be interesting to hear Vesey go into his reasoning for choosing this team, whether that comes tonight or sometime in the future.

Kevin Hayes (another guy who cut his teeth at the college level before playing for the Rangers) already welcomed his pal aboard.

* – Or, if your team was turned away, mutter angry words …