DiPauli on why he didn’t sign with Capitals, his fit with Penguins


When it comes to breaking down coveted free agent forward Jimmy Vesey,* you’ll read a lot about why one team may be a better fit than another.

Thomas DiPauli isn’t creating the same kind of whirlwind, yet his decision-making process is apparently quite similar.

Simply put, the Washington Capitals prospect instead signed with the Pittsburgh Penguins organization because of his belief in “fit.”

Of course, it probably doesn’t hurt that he grew up rooting for Sidney Crosby

Granted, childhood dreams tend to fade when you get down to the often-harsh realities of professional sports. As the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Jason Mackey reports, DiPauli believes that he should (eventually?) fit right in with the system Mike Sullivan is running.

“I play with a lot of speed, a lot of grit and competitiveness,” DiPauli said. “Kind of like the Penguins forwards right now.”

His Notre Dame coach believes that he really learned to match better decision-making with that speed during his most recent NCAA hockey season, so he really may become a nice asset for Pittsburgh.

Picking the Penguins over the Capitals should give him a boost with fans, if nothing else.

* – DiPauli might not appreciate too many Vesey comparisons, by the way.

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