Poll: How much does Shane Doan still have to offer the Coyotes?


This is part of Arizona Coyotes day at PHT…

The Coyotes re-signed captain Shane Doan this summer giving him an opportunity to continue playing for the only franchise he has ever known during his 20-year career.

He turns 40 during the first week of the season and will be one of the oldest players in the NHL during the season (likely second or third, depending on what free agent forward Matt Cullen decides to do).

What stands out about that is Doan was still an extremely productive player this past season, scoring 28 goals in only 72 games during his age 39 season. Even as he has reached his upper 30s he has remained a pretty consistent goal scorer that you can expect around 25 goals from over 82 games. That is pretty remarkable durability and production for a player that is not only among the oldest in the NHL, but has also played a physical style of hockey in the league over two decades. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the production started to plummet or if his game started to break down a bit.

But the production has remained consistent, and based on what he did this past season it might not be out of the question for him to top the 25-goal mark again.

If he does, it would be just the eighth time in NHL history a player age 40 or older scored at least 25 goals in a season (Gordie Howe did it twice, Teemu Selanne did it twice, Jaromir Jagr did it once, and John Bucyk and Dean Prentice each did it once).

So, does Shane Doan have one more 25-goal season in him?