Update: Vegas expansion team could still go with ‘hawks’


Over the years, hockey fans have grown accustomed to twists and turns when it comes to ownership sagas. Perhaps it makes sense, then, that there’s some drama involved in an owner picking a team name.

On Thursday, reports were swirling that the Las Vegas expansion team was leaning toward using “hawks” in its name.

Update: As you can see from the bottom of this post, there are now conflicting reports.

Chris Creamer of Sports Logos reports that “hawks” has been canceled out by Bill Foley & Co., possibly after a lukewarm reception.


The most fun part might be how wide ownership cast the net as far as registering domain names:

Hey, you don’t want to get domain-scooped like Google or Mike Rowe Soft’d, right?

Anyway, the biggest takeaway is that we might not get to spoil the team-naming before it’s unveiled to the public. Bummer.

Update: Maybe we’re back to square one with it possibly going either way.

Yeah, we really might not know for sure one way or another until something official surfaces …