So, odds seem high that Las Vegas NHL team will have ‘hawks’ in name


Uh oh gang, we may no longer be able to refer to the Chicago Blackhawks as the ‘Hawks.

(Everyone does that, right?)

Sports and the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Steve Carp report that Bill Foley, owner of Las Vegas’ NHL expansion team, has the option of using three hawks-oriented names: Nighthawks, Desert Hawks and Red Hawks.

Carp also reports that two other names “are being processed” but haven’t been disclosed. He believes that Nighthawks might be the winner.

(Yes, in case you’re wondering, Nighthawk was the name of a not-particularly-beloved superhero. Marvel pumped out a series, according to a cursory Google search.)

Carp also notes that the NHL prohibits the use of gambling terms in the team name, so don’t expect Foley to have an, erm, ace up his sleeve.