Sharks’ secondary marks look hungrier, angrier

via San Jose Sharks

The San Jose Sharks rolled out “secondary marks” this week, even though they’re not using them on any jerseys during the 2016-17 season.

/scratches head in confusion

Here’s how the team worded it:

The secondary marks will be incorporated into the look and feel of the new campaign for 2016-17. They will be used in a limited number of marketing applications this season. The new marks will first be used in the Los Tiburones jersey giveaway that all fans in attendance to the Sharks game on October 29, 2016 against the Nashville Predators. See more at

The marks will not be replacing the current logos; they are to be used in addition to the current logos. They will not be used on the 2016-17 jerseys.

OK, then.

Check out those secondary marks:

Here’s that “Tiburones” sweater:

The team notes that Terry Smith designed it, which is cool since he created the original Sharks logo.

A quick look at the Sharks’ current duds as a comparison:

So, basically the tweaked logo is an angrier, hungrier Shark that hasn’t had a chance to munch on a hockey stick yet? It certainly isn’t a Buffaslug-level departure that would likely offend many fans, although you never know.

It’s a touch odd that they’re not really doing a whole lot with it, at least next season, however. Perhaps the Sharks are dipping their toes in the water before diving in with a new design, so to speak?

(H/T to Fear the Fin.)