Baertschi will live in a cage to raise money for animal charity


Sven Baertschi says “I hope I can get out,” and he’s not talking about the Vancouver Canucks organization.

(Sorry, that joke was low-hanging fruit.)

No, as reports, the Canucks forward is staying in a kennel with his girlfriend Laura Calvert on Friday until they raise $4K for the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

It’s not the first time he’s helped out a charitable cause, from kids to critters.

“We do a lot of stuff here with people and children’s hospitals, and it’s an awesome thing to do,” Baertschi said. “But we can’t forget about our best friends. [Animals] are a big part of our lives. … There are cats in need. There are dogs in need. And sometimes people forget about it. So we’re trying to bring awareness to local dog shelters and all these animals that are left out in the world.”

Baertschi’s Twitter feed is dog-heavy, even by Twitter terms. Though, by the looks of his pup “Bear,” it’s tough to blame him.