Shea Weber hasn’t been to Montreal yet, and his agent says there’s nothing strange about that


It’s been 35 days since the Montreal Canadiens acquired Shea Weber from Nashville in exchange for P.K. Subban.

And Weber still hasn’t been to Montreal.

Subban, as you may have heard, has certainly been to Nashville. He even took to the stage at Tootsie’s to sing some Johnny Cash.

Sooooo… what’s up with Weber?

According to his agent, nothing.

From the Montreal Gazette:

Weber’s agent insists there’s nothing strange about Weber not coming to Montreal yet. Jarrett Bousquet says it’s simply a case of scheduling and the fact Weber spends the summer in Kelowna, B.C. 

“His initial reaction (to the trade) was there was a pause and a little bit of shock,” Bousquet said during a phone interview Monday. “And then when he realized it was true, he was pretty excited. 

“Obviously, now he’s extremely excited being back in Canada and the pieces that they’ve put together. And he knows Carey Price from B.C. and the Olympics and whatnot, so I know he’s very excited now.”

Bousquet went on to add Weber is expected in Montreal later this month. The Gazette later reported Weber will be in attendance for head coach Michel Therrien’s golf tournament on Aug. 9.

The subtext to all of this, of course, is how Weber — described as a “very private person” — will react to inevitable throngs of Montreal reporters.

Remember, the 30-year-old has spent all 11 of his NHL seasons in Nashville, a market not exactly known for intense media scrutiny.