Bernier is excited about Ducks’ Stanley Cup chances


Sure, having to uproot his life makes for a challenge, but life seems pretty good for Jonathan Bernier.

After years of intense pressure and facing waves of dangerous scoring chances as the Toronto Maple Leafs’ goalie, he’s slated to be the Anaheim Ducks’ backup.

That makes for some uncertainty, yet it also stands as an interesting clean slate … especially when you consider the fact that the Ducks are one of the league’s most flexible teams when it comes to changing goaltending plans.

In a not-so-bold take, Bernier also noted to ESPN that the Ducks have a much better shot at winning a Stanley Cup than the rebuilding Buds.

“They are big and physical and a skilled team. You need a team like that to go deep in the playoffs,” Bernier said. “That’s your goal as a hockey player: to be in the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup every year. I just feel I’m a lot closer with Anaheim than I was with Toronto.”

Look, this is not to say that things are perfect.

He’ll likely need to battle for his starts, not unlike his days jockeying for position with Jonathan Quick in Los Angeles.

You never know when a rut or injury could provide a big opportunity, and Bernier has the pedigree to indicate that he’s at least plausibly capable of running with such a chance.

Yes, life is good for Bernier:

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