Etem, Canucks clearly had a blast at Vancouver Pride parade

via Vancouver Canucks
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The Vancouver Canucks, and especially Emerson Etem, really embraced Sunday’s Vancouver Pride parade.

As in, they didn’t just hand off a tweet or two. Etem, Canucks mascot Finn and others were on hand and … they seemed like they had a blast.

(It’s the sort of thing that might even get an out-of-touch blogging fellow to sign up for that newfangled Snapchat contraption. There was some great stuff on the team’s “vancanucks” account.)

It’s tough to top Etem’s participation:

… Not to say that Finn wasn’t out in full, furry force:

OK, OK. So maybe Canada’s Prime Minister stole the show a little:

Again, much of the team was involved with or embraced the event:

Well done, Canucks.