Giroux hits the ice sooner than expected after off-season surgery

Getty Images

Some good news if you’re a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers. Captain Claude Giroux hit the ice for the first time since undergoing surgery on his right hip and bilateral lower abdominal muscle on May 17.

Giroux was supposed to be out for 10-12 weeks, but he hit the ice after nine weeks and a day.

Thanks to Flyers equipment manager Derek Settlemyre, we have some footage of Giroux’s first on-ice workout post-surgery.

To watch the video, click here.

Looks good!

Giroux managed to play through the pain in the playoffs, but it didn’t end well for him or his team. The Flyers were bounced in their opening round series against the Capitals and Giroux had just one assist in six games.

The next time we see Giroux, it won’t be in a Flyers jersey. He’s expected to take part in this fall’s World Cup of Hockey, as he was named to Team Canada’s roster.

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