Former Habs analytics consultant calls Weber an ‘average NHLer’ (Update: He regrets saying that)


Having already acknowledged he “made a passionate case” in favor of keeping P.K. Subban, the former analytics consultant for the Montreal Canadiens is now calling Shea Weber an “average NHLer” and saying the return the Habs got for Subban was “so, so far outside what could be considered reasonable.”

Matt Pfeffer made those remarks in an interview with The Hockey News.

He also explained the basis of his analysis.

“My analysis of Shea Weber had very little to do with Corsi,” Pfeffer said. “It’s easy to hate on Corsi, but he is not a good goal differential guy either. He’s not pushing the needle in terms of how many goals the Nashville Predators score and get scored on when he’s on the ice. He’s good, he’s serviceable, but he doesn’t really push the needle on either side.”

That’s certainly not what the Habs think of Weber. They believe he’s far more than “serviceable.” They believe they’ve added a “tremendous leader” who also happens to be “a helluva defenseman.”

“His track record shows for itself,” GM Marc Bergevin said after the trade was made. “Last year in the playoffs he averaged over 27 minutes a night, so he’s a very useful defenseman. He’s a stud.”

It remains to be seen who’s proven right in this debate, but it’s sure going to be fun to watch it all play out.


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